Why We Hate Dishcloths ……………

We have been banging on about this for some time now – ditch that dishcloth!

Even using colour coded dishcloths does not exclude the risk of cross contamination. That is bacterial contamination as well as allergen contamination.

Dishcloths and tea towels used in the kitchen are risky as they spread bacteria causing cross contamination.  Bleaching cloths does not kill all bacteria. Washing would need to be carried out at or above 90 degrees to kill it all.

We recommend you do not use dish cloths to clean kitchen surfaces during food preparation or service – use blue roll and sanitiser following a two stage process. Spray surface with sanitiser and wipe with blue roll to clean, then spray again with sanitiser and wait for contact time before wiping dry with a clean piece of blue roll.

Result = a clean surface with no risk of bacterial or allergen cross contamination.

Cloths and scourers can be used at the end of the daily shift or for deep cleaning. Once cleaning is complete, finish with a spray of sanitiser.


Ditch those dishcloths!  Use blue roll and sanitiser only during food prep and service.

Interesting Fact

Your toilet is cleaner and houses less bacteria than a standard kitchen dishcloth.  In a study commissioned by the Global Hygiene Council, dishcloths were found to have six times more bacteria than a toilet handle!