Tip of the Week

January is a great time of year for reviewing staff training. Training will help keep your team motivated and up to date. Zoom is excellent for engaging your whole team.

Many school kitchens will be currently running to a skeleton crew or operating as two separate teams (to segregate to avoid whole teams needing to self isolate in the event of a COVID infection). Therefore, it is an opportunity to use any downtime for remote staff training. Especially as training is permitted for any furloughed team members.

We recommend:–

  • Level 2 Food Safety Certification – check if all your staff have an up-to-date certificate. A refresher course is needed every three years. There are many reasonably priced online providers so your team can take the course remotely at home.
  • HACCP Refresher – Take your team though a practical HACCP refresher course. Base this on your food safety system (Use Section 2 of the Resolution Food Safety Manual).
  • Allergen Training In October 2021 the Allergen Regulations are tightening along with the requirement to label all point of sale packaged foods. As with Food Safety, there are many reasonable priced online providers for Allergen Aware courses.
  • COVID Procedures – Use Zoom to take your team though a reminder of your COVID procedures – Update your team on your COVID Risk Assessments and Procedures – Kitchen and Dining room– (you can use Section 10 of the Resolution Food Safety Manual).


Don’t forget that training keeps your team engaged. Share knowledge, inspire and motivate.

Weekly Food Fact

Brrr, it’s cold outside and soup is one of the most popular starters or lunches at this time of year. Did you know that the first ever soup was made from hippopotamus and dates back to 6000 BC.

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