Tip of the Week

An overview of the new COVID guidelines announced by the Government last week


Front of house staff to wear face masks or face visors at all times

Any essential visitors to the kitchen to wear a face mask at all times, sanitise hands and complete a Contractors/Visitors Health & Hygiene Declaration Form

Reminder on our advice 

Face masks – Although not government legislation, we advise kitchen staff to wear face masks at all times whilst at work.  This will mitigate the risk to each team member and will also minimise the risk of the whole team needing to self isolate if one person is tested positive for COVID.

Handwashing – remind all staff to wash hands on arrival at work, after changing into uniform, on entering their work zone and after every change in task.  Turn taps off using blue roll so hands are not reinfected

Sanitising Touchpoints throughout the day in accordance with your Sanitising Schedule (touchpoints include door handles, tap handles, fridge handles etc)

Sanitising the servery, till points and tables in the dining room after every sitting


In the news last week, it was reported that face masks provide more protection than face visors. As there is no British Standard for the face masks we wear, there are no definitive results as the research would differ on the type of mask and the type of visor.

If your staff are likely to need to remove or pull down their face mask regularly touching the mask, it is probably safer to wear a face visor as this is more comfortable and will not need removing as often as a face mask.  Face visors should cover the whole face.  The government guidance to hospitality is to wear a face covering (either a mask or visor).  If the evidence and guidance regarding wearing face visors changes, we will let you know.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that Tomatoes are a great food to strengthen your immune system.  They are packed with Vitamin C.  Just one medium tomato contains over 16 milligrams of vitamin C!

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