Resolution FM are specialists in School Food Safety and compliance. Our role is supporting in-house school catering departments with their Food Safety procedures and documentation to keep you up to date and compliant with all current legislation and best practice.

We ensure your school catering department is compliant and inspection ready – Environmental HealthOfsted, ISI, & Estyn.

When you operate your school catering in-house, it allows you a lot of flexibility and financial freedom. However, the downside is that your catering team is a standalone unit and does not automatically receive legislative and good practice updates (such as a contract caterer or local authority caterer would provide). Catering legislation changes regularly and especially at the current time in terms of COVID-19, new Allergen Regulations, acrylamide compliance etc.  It is difficult to keep up to date when you self-operate your catering.  We fill this gap, providing in-house school catering teams with a cost-effective food safety system keeping you up to date at all times.

In preparation for schools reopening fully in September we have prepared a School Catering COVID SECURE Operating Pack complete with COVID SECURE Certification including

  • COVID SECURE Kitchen Risk Assessment
  • COVID SECURE Dining Room and Lunch Service Risk Assessment
  • Employee Health & Hygiene Declaration – All employees returning to work must agree and sign this document as part of your due diligence
  • Contractor/Visitor health & Hygiene Declaration – For essential works this form must be completed prior to admittance into kitchen
  • COVID-19 Increased Hygiene Procedures – Kitchen
  • COVID-19 Increased Hygiene Procedures – Dining Room and Lunch Service
  • Enhanced Sanitising Schedule – Kitchen
  • Enhanced Sanitising Schedule – Dining Room
  • Handwashing Guidance (demonstrating turning taps off using blue roll to avoid reinfecting hands after washing)

To help give your students, staff and parents confidence that you have stringent hygiene procedures in place, we are providing COVID SECURE Certification as part of our Food Safety Support.

Paperwork is a legal requirement as part of your due diligence, and COVID SECURE Risk Assessments & Procedures are required to be in place ready for opening in September. Out of date paperwork is the biggest factor resulting in schools falling behind with compliance issues.

For more information on our COVID SECURE Certification and Food Safety Support, please download the brochure below.

Download your School Food Safety Brochure

Download Brochure

As a crucial part of our due diligence we employ Resolution Food Safety to keep us up to date and compliant with the latest legislation and best practice. The team are very professional with a full understanding of the business of school catering and I wholeheartedly recommend them.
We find their advice and recommendations insightful and essential for keeping us current.
In reviewing and updating our HACCP policies, Resolution Food Safety assisted by providing us with tailor made HACCP documentation that is clear, relevant, understandable and easy to use.
Their ongoing support keep us focussed and demonstrates due diligence to the school’s senior management team, Governors and our Environmental Health Inspector.

Mark Vernon, General Services Manager, St Paul’s Girls’ School

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