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Track and Trace – What are the rules and how do you mitigate the risk of your whole team needing to self isolate….

If a member of your team has been contacted by Track & Trace, or has been in close contact with a person testing positive for COVID-19 (i.e. direct contact for more than 10 minutes with no face mask or social distancing):

  • That staff member cannot attend their workplace
  • They will need to self isolate for 14 days from the last day of contact with the infected person
  • They do not need to take a test if they do not have symptoms
  • If they take a test and it comes back negative, they must still self isolate for 14 days as they could get the symptoms after being tested. However, anyone they live with, or have been in contact with, can stop self isolating.

 If a member of your team tests positive for COVID-19

  • They need to inform their Manager immediately and not attend the workplace
  • They will need to self isolate for a minimum period of 10 days from start of symptoms
  • Any team members who have been in direct contact ((ie. contact for more than 10 minutes with no face mask or social distancing)with the infected person will need to self isolate for 14 days
  • The infected person cannot return to work until a minimum period of 10 day from onset of symptoms and they no longer have high temperature

As infection rates are rising, our advice to mitigate risk to your team is as follows –

  • Students and school staff will not be wearing face masks in the dining rooms. Therefore, to avoid your front of house team potentially needing to self isolate if a student in the dining room tests positive, your front of house team need to wear face masks at all times whilst on site and maintain social distancing.
  • Only one person in changing room/toilet area at a time.
  • Either stagger staff break times or socially distance during breaks
  • The only way to avoid mass self isolation for your kitchen team in the event of a positive COVID case within your team is to –
    • Have two separate teams if possible – then if one team are affected, you still have a team who can skeleton crew both shifts. We advise Boarding Schools to do this but most day schools will find this difficult.
    • If kitchen staff wear face masks and socially distance  (individuals working in designated work areas), this can reduce the likelihood of your whole kitchen team going into self isolation. If this is not possible (kitchen too small/kitchen layout needing crossover of staff/too hot to wear face masks, etc.) we advise you have a contingency in place.  Have an external sandwich/catering company on call.
    • Another option is to potentially buddy up with other local schools to provide a food service for each other if needed (you will need to investigate this asap to complete due diligence checks and agree procedures).


Brief your team that, if they have any symptoms, DO NOT come into work under any circumstances.  It is safer for one person to stay home and self isolate than potentially infect the whole team.  If you are able to split your staff into permanent shift teams, this could mitigate numbers of staff needing to self isolate in the event of COVID contact

Weekly Food Fact

Give your immune system a boost.  Did you know that red peppers are packed with vitamin C.  In fact, one cup of chopped red peppers has twice the vitamin C content of an orange!

Do you run your school catering in-house? Download the brochure below for information on keeping your catering team compliant and up to date with the latest legislation

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