Tip of the Week

The government will shortly be updating the Allergen Regulations, to require all pre-packaged foods prepared on site to be labelled with a list of ingredients highlighting any of the 14 main allergens that are present in your ingredients.

This means that any foods you make on site and then sell packaged, will need the ingredients and allergens noted on the label.  This includes sandwiches, salads, baguettes, cakes etc.  The reasoning behind this change in legislation is that, if a product is packaged, it could be taken away from the primary place of purchase where there is no one to ask about ingredient information.  The product could also be consumed by a person other that the person who initially purchased the product, so all information needs to be on the pack to safeguard the consumer.

Information required on any food item you package on site must include a Use By Date and a list of ingredients, highlighting any of the 14 main allergens.


The easiest way of noting any of the 14 allergens contained in your food is to highlight them in BOLD on your ingredients list.  Add a clause to your label stating “Allergens are noted in BOLD”.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that March is a good month for Wild Nettles if you fancy a bit of foraging.  If you want to use them in cooking, they lose their sting once they are boiled.  Nettles can be used in dishes to replace spinach.

Do you run your school catering in-house? Download the brochure below for information on keeping your catering team compliant and up to date with the latest legislation

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